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Tiffany Chairs

The Tiffany chair offers stunning elegance and beauty and helps to create a wedding reception that is memorable. Stemming from Italian design from the 18th century, the design and style of the Tiffany chair is timeless.

These stunning additions to your wedding décor are available for hire in white or clear with an option of a white or black comfortable cushion.

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Comfortable padded seat that is removable
  • Popular for weddings and exclusive events

Plastic Chairs

Our plastic chairs are manufactured using the strongest available plastic on the market for these purposes. They are made of a strong polypropylene plastic that can hold weight of up to 150kg. They are heavy duty and can be stacked for easy moving.

They are our most affordable plastic chair available for hire and the most popular from our range. As a result we stock a large quantity, and can provide these in large numbers if required.

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Available in white or black
  • Stackable for easy moving and transport
  • Most common hired chair for standard functions

Folding Chairs

Our white padded folding chair more commonly known as a Wimbledon chair is very popular for outdoor weddings and exclusive events. They are elegant in appearance and compliment any indoor or outdoor setting.

  • Folds down and is stackable for easy moving and transport
  • Comfortable padded seat that is removable
  • Popular for weddings; particularly outdoor ceremonies


We have a variety of tables to match any size gathering and to accommodate seating requirements for any occasion.

  • German Oak Trestles suitable for 10pax
  • Plastic Tables popular for outdoor events
  • Metal frame wooden tops ideal for festival use
  • Optional Rectangular, Round or Square
  • Foldable leg and lock system
  • Seating options from 4 – 12pax


Product Price QuantityQty Subtotal
Plastic Ancona Chair White 6.00
Plastic Ancona Chair Black 6.00
Plastic Fold-Up Chair Black (Bistro) 7.00
Slatted Fold-Up Deli Chair White 35.00
Tiffany Chair Resin White 35.00
Tiffany Chair Resin Clear 35.00
Wimbledon Chair Resin White 30.00
Bikini Chair White 40.00
Conference Chair Padded Black 40.00
Cocktail Bar Chair Slatted Silver 40.00
Leather Couch Single (Brown) 375.00
Leather Couch Double (Brown) 875.00
Leather Couch Triple (Brown) 975.00
Wooden Bench 2.1m 45.00
Bean Bag XL Red 145.00
Pallet Chair with Cushion 150.00
Dance Floor Outlock from 2800.00
Dance Floor Parquet 5m x 5m 3800.00
Dance Floor Black & White 5m x 5m 3800.00
Dance Floor Wooden Silver from 2500.00
Gazebo Wedding Lattice 2m x 2m 500.00
Gazebo Sun Shade 2.8m x 2.8m 400.00
Arch Wedding 280.00
Carpet Runner Red from 350.00
Carpet Runner White 750.00
Carpet Runner Black 475.00
Parasol Wooden Cream incl Base 220.00


Product Price QuantityQty Subtotal
Folding Leg 0.75m x 1.8m 8Pax 28.00
Folding Leg 0.75m x 2.4m 10Pax 35.00
Folding Leg 1m x 2.4m 10Pax 45.00
Trestle Top 1.2m x 2.4m 12Pax 45.00
Round 90cm 4Pax 20.00
Round 1.2m 6Pax 22.00
Round 1.5m 8Pax 25.00
Round 1.8m 10Pax 35.00
Round 1.8m Plastic 10Pax 45.00
Round Folding Leg 1.8m 10Pax 45.00
Square Folding Leg 8Pax 40.00
Conference Folding Leg 4Pax 30.00
German Oak 0.9m x 2.4m 10Pax 150.00
White Plinth Table 1m x 2.4m 350.00
White Plinth High Counter 350.00
White Pillar / Plinth 1m Tall 100.00
Cocktail Wooden 90cm 35.00
Cocktail Metal 70cm 35.00
Cocktail Aluminium 90.00
Stainless Steel Prep 2.2m 180.00
Wash Basin D/B Sink 300.00
Kitchen Table Leg Extensions 10.00
Stage Raised 1.2m x 2.4m 285.00
S/Steel Bar Counter White 1100.00

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