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Martina Glassware

From Rona Glassware, Martina is specifically designed for the most discriminating wine enthusiast, while at the same time withstanding the rigors of the hospitality industry. Featuring a tapered top and wide body, with a blown glass mold seamlessly tapering into its pulled stem, the Martina collection allows your wines to live up to their utmost potential by maximizing nose and aroma.

Cut Schott Mondial Glassware

A true classic, our Mondial Crystal range will bring the unmistakable class of cut glass to any formal occasion.

Schott Mondial is an extensive collection of fine dining glassware with large, sweeping bowls and delicate stems with an underlying strength making them perfect for commercial catering settings.


Product Price QuantityQty Subtotal
Hiball 1.00
Hiball Islande 1.20
Zombie Hiball Tall 1.15
Whisky Tumbler 0.90
Whisky Islande 1.20
Beer Flute 2.00
White Wine 1.90
Red Wine 1.90
Champagne Flute 2.00
Champagne Saucer 2.50
Beer Willy 1.15
Martini 1.50
Martini Mini 1.50
Brandy Roller 1.50
Sherry Savoy 60ml / 100ml 0.90
Single Schott 25ml 1.00
Double Schott 50ml 1.40
Cosmopolitan Whisky Glass 5.00
Wine Taster International 1.15
Wine Glass Pink / Green 3.00
Breakfast Glass (160ml) 1.15
Granity / Greek Glass 2.50
Latte / Hot Chocolate Glass 2.00
Carafe 250ml / 500ml / 1000ml from 3.00
Water Jug 1.8l 8.00
Water Jug Stainless Steel 13.00
Water Dispenser with tap 70.00
Wine Decanter 1.6l 45.00
Balsamic & Olive Oil Bottle 5.00
Console Jar 250ml 3.00
Console Jar 500ml 4.50

Crystal Cut

Product Price QuantityQty Subtotal
Hiball 5.00
Whisky Tumbler 5.00
White Wine 5.00
Red Wine 5.00
Water Wine 5.00
Champagne Flute 5.00
Sherry Savoy 60ml / 100ml 5.00

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